While viewing a Barrett-Jackson auction telecast in 2002, there came to the auction block the Jerry Titus 1967 TransAm notchback. The bidding ended at $110,000.00 which did not meet the sellers reserve, consequently the car was not sold at that time.

During the bidding the announcers commented on the history of the Shelby prepared Group II Mustangs. They noted that the first of these rare cars were the 1966 cars. Ray had always said that our car was something "special". We were soon to find out just how special the car really is!

In an effort to obtain information about our car, I contacted the Shelby American Automobile Club (SAAC). They publish the "Shelby Registry" which lists just about every car Shelby built. I e-mailed Howard Pardee, the SAAC registrar for the 1965 and 1966 Shelby cars, the serial number of our car. I could hardly believe his response. He mentioned that they have been looking for information on our car for some time now and would greatly appreciate any information we could provide for them. Howard also sent me a copy of a page from their 1996 issue of the Shelby Registry regarding the 1966 Shelby Group II Mustangs. Sure enough, there it was, "Car #6 originally purchased and raced by Ray Cuomo. History not known. Still owned by Cuomo, still in unrestored condition".

In further research, I came across a website www.historictransam.com This group is made up of the current owners of original TransAm cars that raced in the series from 1966 thru 1972. They require that all the cars be period correct, no modern upgrading. Their members own cars from independent TransAm cars to the Bud Moore Mustangs, Penske Camaros and Javelins, Dan Gurneys Cougar and Barracuda, Sam Poseys Autodynamics Challenger etc. After submitting information on our car, we (the car) were accepted into this prestigious group.

For some time, Jan and I had talked about racing the car again. Up until now we had thoughts of upgrading the car incorporating modern technology. With this newly aquired information regarding the car we both agreed the car should be restored to its appearance and original specifications as first raced at the 1967 24 Hour Daytona Continental. Drivers Ray Cuomo and Paul Richards finished the car 1st In Class and 11th O/A for the Ring Free Oil Racing Team.

On November 15, 2002 Jan and I began the restoration. I initially had my goal set to have the car ready for the Monterey Historics at Laguna Seca Raceway in August of 2003. Little did I realize it would take almost four years to complete our project. Granted this was a "weekend" project for us. We were getting close to completing the restoration in April of 2006 when we were told the Shelby American Automobile Club (SAAC) was going to hold its 2006 National Convention at Virginia International Raceway in July. We made that our goal. For the next three months our work schedule included weekdays, evenings as well as weekends. We made our deadline and the car made its restoration debut at SAAC-31.

Our first vintage event was the 2006 Rolex Vintage Festival at Lime Rock Park, CT. The decision to restore the car to its original appearance and specs prooved to be the right one. The cars vintage life began just the way it began its racing career in 1967 - A WINNER! The car won the BMW Award for Best Presentation and Performance in the TransAm category. This award was especially significant since the Historic TransAm Group brought over 30 cars to the Lime Rock event in celebration of the TransAm Series 40th Anniversary in 2006. On Sunday they hold a Concours d'Elegance at the event, the car won the "Rolex Best In Show" award.