2007 Rolex 24 Heritage Exhibition
Rolex Heritage Exhibition Daytona 2007

Daytona Rolex Heritage Exhibition
Daytona International Speedway Nextel Fan Zone

2007 Daytona Rolex Heritage Exhibition   David Donohue Jan Nelson
Tim Pendergast, Ted Wenz, Jan Nelson, Ross Bremer
David Donohue and Jan Nelson

2007 Daytona   Daytona Heritage Exhibition

2007 Daytona Heritage Exhibition

1966 Shelby Group II Mustang
1966 Shelby Notchback Mustang
Jan Nelson, Donald Farr & Frank Dobias
On the grid for the 2007 Rolex Heritage 24 Minutes of Daytona

Photos 2007 Daytona Heritage Exhibition

Jan Nelson   Shelby Group 2 Mustang

Ring Free Racing

Ed Dobias Frank Iacona Frank Dobias
Ed Dobias, Frank Iacona, Frank Dobias


CAR #7 - 2000 LOLA B2K40 (Chassis #7) - Silver
Originally owned by ACEMCO Motorsports during the 2001 Grand Am Rolex season. In 2001, Rand Racing acquired the car along with Risso Competizione. Drivers were Terry Borcheller, Anthony Lazzaro, Ralf Kelleners and Bill Rand. They won their first race at the fall event here at Daytona. In 2002 Rand/Rissi had a class win and a 3rd overall at the 24 Hours of Daytona. They won 6 more races and had a total of 7 poles in the P@ class that season.
Entrant: Bat Competition, Highlands, NC / Driver: Ralph Thomas

CAR #63 - 1986 ARGO JM19C (Chassis #107) - Red
This car is a IMSA GTP Light. It was purchased by th "Father of the Camel Light Series", Jim Downing, in the fall of the 1985 IMSA GTP season. It won the remainder of the1985 season races. It took 3 of the IMSA GTP Light World Championships, 1985, '86 and '87. Other drivers were John Maffucci, John Osteen and Mazda factory driver Hiro Matsushita. In addition to the 3 titles the Argo finished 2nd during the 1988 IMSA season and 3rd in the 1989 season.
Entrant: Bat Competition, Highlands, NC / Driver: Ralph Thomas

CAR #76 - NISSAN 300ZX (Chassis #005) - Red, White and Blue
Fifth of eight cars built. Raced from 1992 thur 1994; had 25 starts - 4 poles - 8 1st places - 17 top 3 finished. Won Daytona overall in 1994 with such a huge lead, they cleaned the car on their last pit stop so it would look good in the pictures. Among the drivers were Steve Millen, Johnny O'CVan De Poele and Jerome Dale.
Entrant: Bean Resources, Norcross, GA / Driver: Paul Walker

CAR #84 - 1975 CHEVROLET DEKON - Yellow, Blue and White
Chevrolet engineering collaborated with Lee Dykstra and Horst Kwech to design and build a tube-frame American race car for a new class in IMSA, the All American GT (AAGT). Along with Al Holbert Racing, they went on to defeat the Porsche Carrera that was dominating road racing at the time, winning the Camel GT Championship in 1976 with 6 wins and in 1977 with 4 wins. This Monza was raced in 1975 by Al Unser at the Daytona 500. In 1976 Mike Keyser raced it with 6 top 5 finishes. In 1977 with Brad Frisselle with 4 top 5 finishes. !978 again Frisselle with Robert Kirby and John Hotchkis, ran it at the 24 Hours of LeMans. The car saw 214 mph along the Mulsanne Straight however with 7 hours into the race they had engine failure.
Entrant: Bean Resourses, Norcross, GA / Driver: Mike Vassak

CAR #51 - 1972 GULF MIRAGE M6 - Blue and Orange
Chassis #M6/603 (GR7/703). Car was built in 1972 by Gulf Research Racing in England which was run by the legendary John Wyer. It was first tested at Goodwood race track in England by Derek Bell on August 9, 1972. The car has its original, vary rare, Gurney-Westlake V-12 engine. The idea was shelved after testing when it showed no speed advantage over the open Mirage M-6 cars the team was using at the time.
Entrant: Bean Resources, Norcross GA / Display Only

CAR #14 - 1974 PORSCHE RSR - White
The IROC (International Race of Champions) Series was developed by Roger Penske and others as a "run-off" for champions of many series to race together in common cars to try to determine a true "best of the best" racing driver. The cars were owned and prepared by Penske and assigned by drawing lots at the various races. The 2007 Grand Maeshall of the Rolex 24 at Daytona, Richard Petty, drove in the original IROC series in 1973 and 1974. This car is one of the identical cars produced by Porsche for the series. It represents the car Richard Petty drove, which was one of the few times he drove anything other than a Chrysler product.
Entrant: Bob Woodman Tires, Beaufort, SC / Driver: Bob Woodman

CAR #222 - 1972 COLOGNE CAPRIS - White and Blue
Developed by Zak Speed of Germany for Ford of Europe, the Cologne Capris' were regulars in world GT racing with such drivers as Klaus Ludvig and Jochen Maas. This car was originally raced by John Mills in England and Europe. It was acquired by Harry Theordoracopulas, Herb Wetson and Horst Kwech and raced in IMSA GT and SCCA Trans-Am. The car was wrecked in 1973 and rebuilt as a show car. The current owner bought thr car in 1992 and restored the car. It has one of two known Westlake 3 litre Capri motors known.
Entrant: Bremer Racing, Atlantic Beach, FL / Driver: Ross Bremer

CAR #43 - 1975 PORSCHE RSR - White and Blue
1977 Daytona 24 Hour overall winner with Hurley Haywood, John Graves and Dave Helmick driving. The 1977 24 Hour was the first race that later became known as IMSA's "Turbo Era". Regulations finally allowed the Porsche 935 to compete in the series. Not satisfied with the new turbo cars in a 24 hour race, Hurley Heywood accepted the invitation of car owner John Graves to join him and Dr. Dave Helmick in the 1 year old "Ecurie Escargot" RSR.
Entrant: Brumos Collection, Jacksonville, FL / Display Only

CAR #59 - 1979 PORSCHE 935 - Red, White and Blue
Peter Gregg's 1979 IMSA Championship Car; won first place 8 times and had a record setting 8 straight pole positions, a record that stands today. The car finished in the top ten in all of the races it ran. The car is shown exactly as it was in the 1978 IMSA Championship. The Brumos 935 is thiught to be the last remaining unmodified 935 in existence and is totally authentic in every detail right down to Peter Gregg's distinctive black Watch Tartan upholstery.
Entrant: Brumos Collection, Jacksonville, FL / Display Only
One of 16 cars originally modified by Carroll Shelby to Group II rules for Endurance racing. This car was originally sold to Gofaster, Inc. in Long Island City, NY. It was entered in the 1967 Daytona 24 Hours by the Ring Free Oil Racing Team. Driven by Ray Cuomo and Paul Richards, it finished 1st in Class and 11th Overall. The car finished 2nd in Class and 16th Overall in the 1970 24 Hours of Daytona with drivers John Gimbel and George Lisberg. The current owners bought the car after the 24 Hour race in 1970 and raced it in TransAm, IMSA GT and club races during the 1970's, last raced in 1980. The car was restored in 2006 and has won a number of restoration awards.
Entrants: Frank Dobias and Jan Nelson, E. Patchogue, NY / Driver: Jan Nelson
CAR #16 - 1988 PORSCHE 962 - Blue
1988 Porsche Cup winner with Price Cobb. Owned and raced by Dyson Racing and driven by Price Cobb, James Weaver, Rob Dyson, Bill Adams, Scott Harrington and John Paul, Jr. 1988 IMSA Championship car. Rob Dyson was one of the leading Porsche 962 teams and Dyson Racing is still racing today in both the Grand American and ALMS series. Dyson Racing is entered in this weekends Rolex 24 at Daytona.
Entrant: Goldin Brothers, Miami, FL / Driver: Steve Goldin
Car #82 - 1989 MAZDA RX-7 - Red
Car built by Al Bacon. It was driven by Bacon, Bob Reed and Rod Millen, won the GTU class at the 1989 24 Hours of Daytona. Dick Greer bought the car in 1990 and went on to win 3 straight GTU titles in 1991, '92 and '93 at the Daytona 24 Hour with Greer, Bacon, Peter Uria and Mike Mees driving. With the 1993 win, Greer became the oldest class winner in event history at age 61. Probably the winningest Endurance racing car ever built.
Entrant: Dick Greer, Columbus, OH / Driver: Dick Greer

CAR #14 - 1985 PORSCHE 962 - White and Blue
1987 Daytona 24 Hour winner overall, driven by AL Holbert, Derek Bell, Chip Robinson and Al Unser, Jr. Chassis HR-1, first 962 chassis built by Holbert Racing under license by Porsche. Al Holbert was a 3 time IMSA champion. Also was run with Porsche Racing in the U.S. for Porsche AG. Al Holbert died in a plane crash in 1987.
Entrant: Wayne Jackson, Columbia, MD / Driver: Wayne Jackson

CAR #50 - 1972 GREENWOOD CORVETTE - Red, White and Blue
The body was designed and built by John Greenwood for the Chevy Corvette chassis in response to more liberal rules for GT class cars. Most of the Corvette racers of the period used the Greenwood bodys. In fact, many are still being raced today. This car features the "big block" Chevy V-8, "rockcrusher" 4 speed transmission and the modified suspension by Gulstrand used by all serious Corvette race cars at the time.
Entrant: John Goodman, Seattle, WA / Driver: John Goodman
CAR #58 - 1994 Camaro - Red, Green and White
Entrant: Michael Kern, Altamonte Springs, FL / Driver: Michael Kern
CAR #14 - 1996 RILEY & SCOTT - Yellow, White and Blue
1996 USC IMSA Champ car, won 4 races, sister car to Enduro car that won 12 Hours of Sebring and the 24 Hours of Daytona.
Entrant: Metro Racing, Boca Raton, FL / Driver: Edward Borowy
CAR #84 - 1981 PORSCHE 924 - White and Red
The 924 GTR was Porsche's first attempt at racing a front engined car. The 924 GTR used a turbocharged Audi 4 cylinder engine which never really held up th the demands of Endurance racing. The 924 GTR did, however, win the SCCA's TransAm series twice. Originally run by Richard Lloyd Racing with Canon Camera sponsorship, this 924 GTR raced for 3 years in both Europe and America.
Entrant: Predator Racing, Largo Florida / Driver: Ross Bleustein
CAR #49 - 1990 SPICE GTPL - White and Pink
Probably the "winningest" GTPL car ever. Of 15 starts in 1991 and 1992, the car had 14 pole positions, 9 race wins and 11 fastest laps. Included in it's wins were the 1992 Rolex 24 at Daytona, driven by Parker Johnstone, Steve Cameron, Jimmy Vasser and Dan Marvin. It was 5th overall and 1st in Class at the 24 Hours in 1992 and won it's class by 26 laps.
Entrant: Mark Pritch, Palm Beach Gardens / Driver: Mark Pritch

CAR #44 - 1986 JAGUAR XJR-7 - White and Green
The first of Bob Tullius built Jaguar XJR-7, driven by Tullius, Hurley Haywood, Chip Robinson and Whitney Gantz. Won at West Palm Beach in 1987. Did not finish the Daytona 24 Hour due to engine problems.
Entrant: Rogers Racing, Vero Beach, FL / Driver: Jim Rogers

CAR # - 1986 MARCH 86G-10 - Red
1986 March 86G that ran IMSA as a Buick Hawk. It was entered by MOMO and driven by Gian Piero Moretti. The March 86G was the last of the March Chassis to compete in the GTP series.
Entrant: John Starkey, St. Petersburg, FL / Display Only

CAR #8 - LOLA NISSAN - Red, White and Blue
First Electramotive Nissan ZX-T. "California Coolers" sponsored the car in 1985. Ran IMSA from 1985 to 1987 in GTP series. Built on the Lola 610 chassis, originally driven by Don Devendorf, Geoff Brabham and Elliot Forbes-Robinson.
Entrant: John Starkey, St. Petersburg, FL / Display Only

CAR #33 - 1989 SPICE SE GTP - White and Green
Ran 1989, '90 and'91 GTP series in IMSA driven by Costas Los, Paul Newman and Mike Brockman. Spice, powered by various engines became the customer GTP of choice after Porsche stopped selling 962s.
Entrant: John Starkey, St. Petersburg, FL / Driver: John Starkey
CAR #71 - 2004 PORSCHE GT3 - Blue and Silver
This factory car is the last Porsche to score a class victory ar the 24 Hours of LeMans in 2005. The car qualified 1st in Class and after 24 hours finished 1st in Class (GT-2) and 10th Overall by Porsche factory drivers Miller and Rockenfellar.
Entrant: Tyler/Stewart, Clearwater, FL / Driver: Scott Tyler
CAR #55 - 1997 PORSCHE RSR - Red
First factory 993 based RSR. Sold by the factory to Dennis Aase. Car finished 9th overall and 3rd in Class in the 1998 Dayton 24 Hour.
Entrant: Tyler/Stewart, Clearwater, FL / Driver: Danny Stewart
CAR #83 - 1969 FORD GT40 - Red
Ford Motor Company developed the GT40 to beat the Ferraris in endurance racing. Based on the Lola coupe, the GT40 was developed by Carroll Shelby, Holman & Moody and John Wyer into all conquering race cars including 2 wins at Daytona, 4 wins at LeMans and 3 wins at the 12 Hours of Sebring. Henry Ford reached his goal of beating Ferrari and created a legend with the Ford GT40. Built in 1969, GT40 P/1083 was the last original GT40 to be built and sold by the factory as a complete race car.
Entrant: Archie Urciuoli, Casey Key, FL / Driver: Archie Urciuoli
CAR #26 - 1969 DATSUN 510 - Yellow
Nissan's version of theBMW 2002, the Datsun 510s raced for many years at the Rolex 24 and other IMSA events during the 1970s and 1980s, mostly by independent teams. They made reliable race cars and are still regularly raced in club racing in the US. It ran SCCA from 1973 to 1997.
Entrant: Orie Voigtmann, Plant City, FL / Driver: Orie Voigtmann

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